Plot: Forgetting the Chief's birthday, the gang tries to make it up to him by making the HQ into a fun house. Thinking that he's dreaming, the Chief goes crazy.


  • Dudley: "Okaaaayyy, that didn't work at all."
  • Keswick: "To be, or not to be............I'M GONNA K-K-K-KICK YOUR BUTT!!!"
  • Kitty: "Chip on shoulder." (eats chip)
  • Keswick: "We know how much you like p-p-ping-pong. Now, how would you like to battle it out with Shakespeare?"
  • The Chief: "(girlish squeal)"
  • Kitty: "Dagnabbit!"


  • Starts at T.U.F.F. Kitty is struggling with a bag of chips.
  • Dudley: "Kitty, be careful"
  • Kitty: "Relax, it's... just... chips..."
  • (bag explodes, chips cover Dudley. Dudley looks annoyed. Kitty takes a chip of his shoulder)
  • Kitty: "Heh, heh. Chip on shoulder."
  • (eats chip)
  • The Chief: "Oh, hello Kitty and Dudley.
  • Dudley: "That's weird."
  • Kitty: "What's weird?"
  • (eats another chip)
  • Dudley: "He usually calls us Agents Puppy and Katswell."
  • The Chief: "Well, I think that there may be a special today."
  • Kitty: "Nope, uh-uh, a gazillion to one."
  • The Chief: (sad) "Oh, well then. I will see you later."
  • Dudley: "What's up with him?"
  • Kitty: (looking at the calendar) "Dagnabbit! We missed the Chief's birthday. I knew I should've remembered more."
  • (shows different clips of Kitty talking to different characters)
  • Kitty: "We can't forget the Chief's birthday (x10). Isn't there something on today?"
  • Dudley: "I feel sorry for him."