Dudley hears an old myth about the number one agent (who is now dead).


  • It starts at a hallway. It vibrates when Dudley screams.
  • Kitty is sleeping.
  • Kitty: ...Eric, I do... ...uhh, wha? OMG! DUDLEY !HANG ON DUDLEY! I'M COMING!
  • Running up the hallway.
  • Kitty (gasps and wheeeze): All right, All right... Dudley... I'm here... So what happend? Did Keswick shoot you again?
  • Dudley: Yes he did. But the wound healded, so it not my problem. Check this out.
  • Kitty (Reading statue): No.1 Agent, Timmy, 24, 7, 1... Aww, Dudley! Not you too!
  • Dudley: What?
  • Kitty: This whole 24/7 buisness is what people wasted there whole LIVES on! They say it birngs back the ghoust of the number one T.U.F.F. Agent.
  • Dudley: Ghosts do exist. I mean, look at Marshmallow Man, or the owner of the hand, or... or Yoda.
  • Kitty: Insane you are. Ghost not Yoda is a...
  • Dudley: Well, prepare to eat your mumbled up Star Wars parody words. It says 24/7,right? Maybe I have to stand on this statue for a whole week and a minute. But, I don't understand what the extra minute is for.
  • Kitty: Maybe its the extra minute of sleep you get when you realize that you wasted a whole week of your life.
  • Dudley: Curse you, Kitty. I'll prove it to you.Then rub it in tour face.
  • Kitty: Whatever. I'm going to watch the Super Bowl.
  • (leaves room)
  • Dudley: She'll see. She'll see.