This fanfic is closed up due to Matt's recent exposure, so, no editing from here on out  Agent vs. Agent is a TUFF Puppy episode from season 2.


Ralph Wolf and Agent 12428 have a competition to see which of the two are T.U.F.F.'s #1 agents.


  • The episode begins at T.U.F.F.*

Ralph: Eh,if only Eddie could hear his song being #1 on the charts.*Turns on radio*

Radio DJ:And next we have "Awesome Jungles" by Eddie Stars.*Song plays*

Dudley:Hey Ralph,watcha' doin'?

Ralph:Just listening to my former best friend,Eddie,who is up there.*Points towards Heaven*

Dudley:Floor 2?I'll go find him!*Runs to elavator*

Ralph:And then there was Mario,who was another friend...

Chief:T.U.F.F. agents,I have new intel that Tony Waxer is planing on doing something...just listen for alarms.

Agent 12428:I can beat Ralph!

Ralph:No you can't!

  • The two jump into different vehicles and race off*

Kitty:Wait Ralph!

Dudley:You forgot us!

  • on T.U.F.F. Blv.*

Agent 12428:C'mon,Wolf,you can keep up!

Ralph:Already a step ahead of ya!*Shows Ralph in front of him*

Agent 12428:WHAT?!

Ralph:Hehe.*Turns at intersection*

Agent 12428:Oh,come on!*Follows him*

  • Three police cars speed by them in oncoming lane*

Ralph:Huh?*Turns around and follows them*

Agent 12428:You mean I have to follow 'em?*Turns around*

Cop: *on radio*All units,please respond,we have a car jacking,suspect escaping on Cool St.,so,lo9ok out for a fox in a red covertible.

  • On Cool St.*

Car Jacker:*hears sirens*Nice,the cops have finally caught up to me.*Speeds up*

Ralph:*gets beside first cop car**on radio*Hey dude,you got a plan?


Ralph:*Sighs*Sheesh...*Speeds up and rams suspects car*

Car Jacker:*Speeds up*Hmm...i'd say he's doing 90,i',m probably doing 110.

Ralph:*uses PIT manuever on suspect*

Car Jacker:*Skids into truck in a man's driveway*


Ralph:*Open car jackers door*You're bus...*Freezes*Na...Na...Na.... Nathan Foxer?

Nathan:Yeah,I have returned!

Ralph:*Handcuffs Nathan*Your gonna say that,BEHIND BARS!

Cop:Eh,better get out,Petropolis Rangers will come out and "help".

Agent 12428:Who?

Cop:*Facepalm*The Petropolis Rangers,you know...them guys who have that tv show?

Agent 12428:Nope.


Ralph:*Puts Nathan in the back of the cop car,then closing it*Well,all I know is the Rangers don't even help.


Ralph:*Drives back to T.U.F.F.*

  • At T.U.F.F.*

Ralph:*Sitting on couch,playing multiplayer with Agent 12428*I'm gonna beat ya!

Agent 12428:No ya don't!

  • Punching sounds are heard*

Agent 12428:*Jumps up*YES!!I WIN!YES!


Agent 12428:You ai'nt gonna get far!*Grabs controller,sitting back down*

  • Shows TV screen,showing that the're playing a wrestling game,with one getting pinned*

Ralph:Yeah!I beat ya!

Agent 12428:Well,you got the best 2 outta 3,so,you win.*Makes angry look*But i'll win the next challenge!It'll be in the moning.Well,I heard you have wrestling tickets at the Petropolis Arena.

Ralph:Also,to the dodgeball match later in the night.*Gets out 11 tickets*Wanna come?

Agent 12428:DO I?!?!Who else is going?

Ralph:Dad.Mom,Mark,Night,Dudley,Kitty,Keswick,Chief,and Terry!

Agent 12428:And who is Terry?

Ralph:Internal Affairs officer.

Agent 12428:Ah,is he cool?


  • At Petropolis Arena*

Announcer:And the wrestling matches will start in 30 minutes,so,if your smart,you'll find your seats,or,you can just become a walrus,I guess.Anyway,who'll win the first one?Atomic Meat Man or The Great Shrimp?We'll see in 28 minutes!

Ralph:I'm going with Atomic Meat Man.

Chief:I'm going with The Great Shrimp.

RJ:Meh,I'll go with The Great Shrimp.

Mark:Atomic Meat Man will beat him!I'm going with him!

Dudley:Atomic,The Great,AGH!*mumbles between the two,unable to decide*

Kitty:The Great Shrimp,he will rule!

Night:The Great Shrimp.

Keswick:There are a number of options th-th-th-th-that Atomic Meat Man will lo-lo-lo-lo-look good in this competion.

Terry:I'll bet Atomic Meat Man and The Great Shrimp will both be DQ'd.and.neither will win!Hahaha!*runs into restroom*

Agent 12428:Atomic Meat Man will win.

Marianne:It'll be a tie.

Dudley:I GOT IT!!!The winner will be Race Car Man!

Ralph:Dudley,he's later in the matches.

Dudley:You liar!He'll win,I know it!!*Runs in restroom*

Ralph:I'll get the concessions.Tell me what you want.12428,find us 11 seats,OK?

Agent 12428:Sure.*Walks down steps,trying to find some seats*

Ralph:*Comes to seats*Heres your stuff.*gives them what they wanted*

  • 27 minutes later*

Announcer:Only 1 more minute left,and we are closer and closer to start! *Puts large TV with clock on it's screen*

Audience:*counting with the anouncer*10...9...8...7...6...5..4...3..2..1...YEAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHH!!!! *they cheer,clap,and dance*