Madame "Cat" Catastrophe Katswell
Agent catastrophe by trainman3985-d52ghy4
Gender: Female
Eye color:       Green
Species: Cat
Birthday: August 16th
Personal Information

DOOM (Formerly)

  Dudley Puppy Kitty Katswell Keswick Kristina Kittensworth Cal Lewis Eli J. Brown(Enemies at First Then Became Friends)
  Snaptrap, The Chameleon, Birdbrain
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Kristina Meets T.U.F.F. Puppy
Voiced by:
Grey Delisle

Kristina Dazo Charles Lewis

Madame "Cat" Catastrophe is the twin sister of Kitty Katswell who at one point was hypnotised by Dr. Rabies into thinking TUFF was her enemy. After being inpersonated by her sister and captured along with a bunch of other bad guys, Kitty and Keswick managed to get her back on the side of TUFF.

Recently, Kitty got a cure for her left-eye and thus, isn't wearing an eye-patch anymore. But after her fight with Katty, her left-eye was scratched out once again. But the cure Kitty gave her allowed it to heal again over time.


  • Even though Kitty and Cat are cosidered twins by looks, she actually was born a year after Kitty was. Meaning Kitty was a year old when Cat was born.
  • Despite having children, Cat appears to have no husband.
  • Cat had gone through a lot of rough times prior to her becoming Madame Catastrophe. In fact, she would have died as a baby if it wasn't for Kitty.
  • Strangely, Cat doesn't need an eyepatch when she's in Equestria. However in TUFF Agents Fanfic 16: The Photocopies onward, she doesn't need her eyepatch at all since Kitty healed her eye.
  • Cat's relationship with Kitty is quite different from her partner-in-evil, Dr. Rabies. This is cause while Dr. Rabies was really Dudley's long-lost father, Cat is Kitty's younger twin sister.
  • According to Mad-cat-56, Cat would have been hypnotized by Birdbrain's father had Katty not get in front of her taking the hypnotism affect instead.
  • In MetroXLR99's fanfic "the Greatest Mission Ever," Kitty told Dudley that Dr. Rabies and Madame Catastrophe were their evil counterparts from another dimension. Eli J. Brown confirmed this to be non-canon and also gave an explination that the reason Kitty said this to Dudley was to keep Cat's backstory from being revealed before they could de-hypnotise her.

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