Gender: Female
Hair color:       Brown
Eye color:       Brown
Species: Dog
Age: 20
Birthday: April 1st
Personal Information
  Turbo Undercover Fighting Force

Jack Rabbit (formerly)

  Secret Agent

Jack Rabbit's apprentice (formerly)

  Claire Catty200
"Matt" #12428
Dudley Puppy
Kitty Katswell
Maria Skellington/Agent Maria
Bently96/Agent R


  Just about all the villains
Love Interests:
  Andrew (former)


  Drawing, playing video games, hanging out with friends, visiting exotic places
  To find out what her purpose is and the where abouts of her parents
Sarah and Robert Puppy


Crazy is a very kind hearted person and cares a lot about her friends. Although Crazy can be a bit impatient and would often times run into trouble. She is also shrouded by a dark past. Crazy was once Jack Rabbit's apprentice and learned most of her skills from him. When Jack was arrested for trying to steal T.U.F.F.'s secrets from Kitty, Crazy went to T.U.F.F. hoping she could finish Jack's job for him. But once she met Claire and the other agents at T.U.F.F., Crazy for a while, seemed to have forgotten what her main objective was to begin with. Crazy was also separated from her parents when she was little. She can't remember who they were or remember any moments she had with them. Crazy has an unnatural fear of the ocean, although she doesn't have a reason why.


Claire: Claire is Crazy's best friend and is also her partner. She sometimes find Claire a bit childish at times but she really enjoys her company.

Jack: Jack had taught Crazy everything she knows. She never talked about how Jack treated her.

Dudley: Crazy and Dudley get along fine. They don't really see each other, but they have quite alot in common.

Keswick: Crazy doesn't really hang out with Keswick too much. Keswick doesn't really trust Crazy anymore since he found out that she used to be Jack's apprentice

Kitty: Crazy looks up to Kitty. The two get along fine and rarely ever get into any arguments.

Chief: The Chief thinks of Crazy as an average agent. He sometimes blames her for certain things.

Matt: Matt, like Claire, was one of the first agents that Crazy met at TUFF. The two are good friends and rarely fight.

Skipper: Skipper was one of the first agents that Crazy met at TUFF. Crazy likes to mess with him alot, but she thinks he's a good agent.

R: Crazy and R are good friends. She likes to hear R talk about R.U.F.F and also enjoys messing with his fear of tigers.

WK: Even though Crazy doesn't care for fried chicken, she still think that WK is a good friend. Although she also finds it odd that most of his weapons shoot fried chicken.

Maria: Crazy thinks of Maria as a friend, but she tends to be hard on her since she seems to not pay much attention whenever they go on missions together.

Ralph: Crazy thinks that Ralph is a very good agent. Although she doesn't really know him too well.

Chito: Crazy and Chito are good friends. They have alot in common and hang out whenever she doesn't have to go on a mission.

Fairly: Fairly is a good friend to Crazy. Although she doesn't really see him that much at TUFF.