Plot: When Dudley is down in the dumps, Kitty, Keswick and the Chief allows Dudley to complete his list of 100 things he wants to do. But during the list, Dudley is taken by the D.O.O.M. agents. It's up to the Chief, Kitty, and Keswick to save him.


  • Kitty: "All right everyone, he's being stupid. You know the drill."
  • Keswick (dressed like a little kid): "Mommy, mommy. Who's that guy?"
  • Kitty (dressed as a mother): "Oh, just some silly willy harold."
  • Kitty: "That was awesome! Apart from the chipped teeth, a hurting arm and this wooden plank logged into my stomach."
  • Kitty: "Good luck. We're out of witty costumes. All we got is a ghost, a cowboy and a mayonnaise jar."
  • Kitty: "We're gonna eat may-o dressed as a cowboy and ghost?"
  • Keswick: "That would be so rad, b-b-b-but no."
  • Dudley "Thanks, may-o jar, cowboy and ghost!"
  • Kitty: "Dudley, it's us."
  • Dudley: "They even know my name!!"