Kitty's Fantasies is a mini series of shorts based on some of Kitty's past stories.


  • Drag Kitty-Kitty Tells Dudley about how she went to Tokyo and was challenged by a drag racer.
  • Astro-Kitty-Kitty Tells Ollie about the time she was an astronaut.
  • Diva Kitty-Kitty tells Fransisco about when she used to be a wrestling diva.
  • Cop Kat-Kitty Tells Dudley that she used to be a police officer.
  • U.F.K. (UNIDENTIFIED FLYING KATSWELL)-Kitty and Dudley see a plate flying by. When Kitty thinks it's a U.F.O. she tells him a little story about an old freind.


Kitty's Fantasys Transcript

Astro Kitty

  • Ollie (in prison): Wow. Such a beautiful moon.
  • Kitty: It's a lot more better in person.
  • Ollie: What?
  • Kitty: Well, (going into flashback) it all started when I was just resting on a chair with a magazine over my head. When suddenly, Houston had a problem!
  • Astronaut: Houston, I have a problem!
  • Houston: Oh-No! His foots stuck in a crater.
  • Scientist: We need someone with a tail!
  • Auto pilot on ship: Hey, she has a tail.
  • Kitty: Huh, (lifts a corner of a magazine) What?
  • In the next sence, Kitty is in one of those really fast swinging things.
  • Kitty: With the right stuff.
  • Kitty face pulls back as she swings around.
  • Kitty: I was ready to go lunar.