Plot: It's been 10 years since Kitty graduated from secret agent college. She now has to make a return to fire the annual agent cannon. But a stealer is on the loose and Kitty is taken the blame for it.


  • The show doesn't start as it usually does. Kitty's guitar gag, but this time she leaves a hole in the wall. Zooming in the hole we see lots of pretty colours. A peaceful music plays. The T.U.F.F. shuttle is zooming by but instead of black and white, it's all yellow. Zooming in the windows, the agents are looking down. Dudley wears a green shirt instead, Kitty in a pink jumpsuit and headband, Keswick with a blue shirt and yellow coat and The Chief in a human size wearing a orange suit. The windows fall of and fall into a funnel. Where they travel down a tube and are turned into confetti. There seems to be a lava lamp like container. Dudley, Keswick and The Chief seems to be deformed into the lava lamp. The lamp explodes into millions of pieces. Showing a title card. It has a picture of Kitty about to steal a diamond along with the title of the episode. Back at the theme song intro. Kitty pokes out of the hole where the guitar gag continues. The screen explodes into flowers too. Scene to a college graduating.