Klyde Puppy
Kenny Puppy 3
Gender: Male
Hair color:       Tan
Eye color:       Turquoise
Species: Dog
Age: 13
Birthday: September 30, 2020
Personal Information
  Puppy Family

Turbo Undercover Fighting Force

The Next Nicktoons

  Secret Agent
  Puppy Manor

Heather Dumbrowski

Jacqueline Rabbit

  Minnie Snaptrap

Fluff Head


Dudley Puppy(father)

Kitty Katswell(mother)

Peg Puppy(grandmother)

Kitty's Mom(grandmother)

Katy Puppy(sister)

DeeDee Puppy(sister)

Production Information
Voiced by:
Nathan Kress
Klyde Puppy is the future son of Dudley Puppy and Kitty Katswell. He lives with his younger sisters, DeeDee and Katy Puppy in the city of Petropolis, 20 years later.


Klyde was an ordinary 12 year old kid living in a mansion with his billionaire parents and his younger sisters until he once found out his parents were secret agents, but they retired. When his dad, Dudley, knew about this, he, Klyde's mom (Kitty), trains him with the T.U.F.F. equipment. His younger sisters didn't want to be agents because they think it's "boring" and is "a waste of time." Dudley then introduces him to the Chief and her daughter Heather "Princess" Dumbrowski. He now lets him be the newest T.U.F.F agent to fight against the chidren of T.U.F.F's main villains alongside with his crime fighting partner, Jacqueline Rabbit, daughter of Jack Rabbit.


Klyde has turquoise eyes. He has tan fur like his mom has. He wears a white longsleeve shirt underneath a red T-shirt with a bone on it underneath a black jacket that has the logo of T.U.F.F. on the back. The jacket was a gift by T.U.F.F. in honor of being a new recruit. In the pilot episode of the new show, T.U.F.F. Puppy Beyond, he wore a gray jacket until it was replaced by the black one at the end of the episode. He also wears purple jeans and red shoes with a white stripe on each of them.


Katy & DeeDee Puppy

Klyde never gets along with his sisters, Katy and DeeDee. Although Klyde doesn't like them he rescues and protects them from evil because he loves them and doesn't want them hurt.

Minnie Snaptrap

Klyde is enemies with Verminious' daughter, Minnie Snaptrap like Klyde's father, Dudley is enemies with Snaptrap. But Minnie sometimes help Klyde when he is in a big situation. It was rumored that they are sometimes friends than rivals.


Klyde is best friends with Keswick's son, Tweek. He makes inventions for himself and Klyde to use against the villains. Like his father, he is a really good inventor at age 12.

Heather "Princess" Dumbrowski

Klyde and Heather are always bickering and when Heather gets too bossy like her father, The Chief, Klyde always says "Excuuuuuse me, Princess!" which explains her nickname. Although they don't like each other, they are still friends.


Leon, Chameleon's son, seeks revenge on Klyde for bullying him in kindergarten. Leon lures Klyde to his traps and wants to destroy Klyde but he always fails and goes to prison.

Jacqueline Rabbit

Jacqueline, Jack Rabbit's daughter, is the other new agent of T.U.F.F. and is Klyde's partner and friend. It's said that Klyde has a crush on her when they are working together on a mission but he tries to hide his secret against Jacqueline. It's also said they make an awesome team.


"Well excuuuuuuuuuse me, princess!"

-Klyde when he and Heather start bickering.