Kristina Kittensworth
Gender: Female
Hair color:       Black
Eye color:       Brown
Species: Trollen (later a kitten)
Age: 22 and 4'11 feet tall
Birthday: January 21, 1994
Personal Information
  Turbo Undercover Fighting Force
  Secret Agent

Crowned Princess of Petropolis

  917 Catwalk, Petropolis, CA
  Kristy Agent Kittensworth

Princess Kristina Kittensworth of Petropolis

  Kitty Katswell

Dudley Puppy


The Chief

Matthew Rabbit

Cal Lewis

Violet Beauregarde

Maya Wilhelmina

Princess Whitna Floral the Nephia Fairy

Emily Kittyshaw

Augustus Gloop

Veruca Salt

Mike Teave

Miranda Piker

Jennifer Sweets

  Tridara The Trollen

Dr. Zoog the Trollan (formerly)

Verminious Snaptrap


The Chameleon

Bird Brain

Krulos the Serpentine

Matt (Friends At First Then Became Enemies)

Revan Wolf (Friends At First Then Became Enemies)

Evil King Of Showdown Town

Love Interests:
  Rayman (Kristina Meets Rayman (known as Kristina and the Robo-Pirates)

Matthew Rabbit (formerly)

Cal Lewis (Sometimes)

Markus the Siberian Husky aka Marky

Mr. Katswell (Father)

Mrs. Katswell (Mother)

Kitty Katswell (Big Sister)

Kovu Kittensworth (little brother)

Evelyn (who she adopted her in Golden Ticket Wars)
Yubu the male skunk (Pet)
Production Information
First Appearance:
  Kristina Meets T.U.F.F. Puppy
Voiced by:
Kristina Dazo

Emily Marks

Charles Lewis

Kristina Kittensworth is the little sister of Kitty Katswell who first starred off as a Trollen in a magical world called Trolla She's also one of the main characters from the DeviantART website who looks just Kitty but with the hair with spiky bottom edge and the thin tail. She can also travel to other worlds by using her yellow Dimension Crystal.


She is a small, petite, young-looking cat with tan fur and she looks just like her adopted, older sister; Kitty Katswell, except her long, black straight hair with spiky bottom edge, spiky bangs, thin tail and brown eyes. She is really a 4'11 feet tall which makes her a small, young-looking petite girl that most people mistaken her for a 12 or 14 year old kid. Though, she doesn't mind about what anyone think of her as a young child. Her voice is high, slightly girly and soft. When she sings, her voice will be either lower or higher depends on any songs she sings with different key notes. When she yells in a loud tone, her voice is now hard sounding and less lower pitch than her girly, high, soft-sounding one.


She is very kind, beautiful, magical, independent, loving, polite, brave, confident, caring, compassionate, intelligent, funny, calm, and collected, but childlike, clumsy and somewhat nervous when she has nothing to say or can't remember anything.

She is a damsel-in-distress in either inflated or normal who gets usually captured by any villains who want her for her magical powers and for some reasons despite as a young junior member of Turbo Undercover Fighting Force.

When someone's annoying her, she gets easily irritated, but lets it go for a while. If someone's bothering her while she is busy something she is in the middle of, she gets easily angry and irritated so don't bother her when she is in the middle of the important chores like doing laundry and homework. She doesn't like being pranked by someone else and especially Dudley.

When she sees Kitty Katswell gets kidnapped and being in danger, she became brave and gutsy enough to save her with her magical powers and the Chaos Emerald that transform her into Chaos Kitten.

If someone tells her what to wear when she doesn't feel like it, she'll became unhappy and she can be somewhat self-demanding the way she tells them that they can't tell her what to wear and she really dislikes makeup which makes her face uncomfortable, filled with acne and dry due to when she was born with eczema that is a dry skin. She can be secretly, somewhat crazily vain when she loves her own looks with her own fashion taste. She wore either plain or fashion clothes depends on her mood.

She can be very childish and somewhat rambunctious when she is obsessed with Veggie Tales TV shows and playing around in her favorite theme parks where she wants to do whatever she wants.

Sometimes, she is very forgetful and ditzy when having trouble listening to anybody and when things went wrong. It revealed that she has short-term memory loss and high function autism.

Inflation Problem

If any scientific chemical or magic spell seals up her magical powers, she won't able to use magic. If she didn't use magic about a certain amount of time, she'll inflated like a balloon which is a magical buildup. That's the reason why she uses magic all the time until it happens when her magic is sealed up by any scientific chemical potion and magic spell. Every time she sneezes fire due to her magical backup, she'll inflated a little bit one at a time.

When she's blowing up like a balloon from the elemental inflation from the Inflation Spell Punks, chemicals and juice such as Bloatberry, Inflatium, magic inflation and three course meal gum (except the air tank), she won't able to use magic deflation on her because of the inflation is strong against her magical powers so she will not rely on her own magical deflation unless if there's a cure for each of the inflation problem. For example, the juicer that can squeeze the juice of her, the water that will douses the fire inflation inside her inflated, round body and if a inflation ray gun blows up a victim like a balloon, it has to be a deflation ray gun. If she did by using her own magic self-deflation, it will take few minutes until the magic within her wore off and her normal shaped body will back to her inflated self. If it doesn't work, she explodes with juice or air, she will fall into the ground, flat.


If something's heating up inside her inflated body that fills with air like when Evelyn uses her magic to allow the air inside her ballooned body turns hot to use her as a "Inner Hot Air Balloon", she will get easily passed out with a fever which is her potential weakness.

Cal Lewis Super Spy

In The Cal Lewis Super Spy Comic Kristina Meets Cal She Meets The New T.U.F.F. Agent Cal Lewis For The First Time When He Saved Kristina From Snaptrap He Became Her New Friend And He Is Also Now Her Backup In Case Of Snaptrap

Emily Kittyshaw and T.U.F.F Puppy

Kristina first met Emily Kittyshaw for the first time. She is kidnapped by Snaptrap, Emily rescues her.

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