Plot: Larry quits again. When he finds out that there's an opening at T.U.F.F. HQ, he takes the job. But when The Chief discovers that Larry is better than Kitty and Dudley, he fires Kitty and Larry becomes Dudley's new partner.


  • Our story starts at D.O.O.M. HQ. Snaptrap is sitting in a giant chair. He rings a bell.
  • Snaptrap: "Larry!"
  • Larry: "Yes?"
  • Snaptrap blasts Larry with a blaster.
  • Larry: "Owwwwww! My eye! Snaptrap, you are a big piece of... no, no. That's it, THAT'S IT! I QUIT!!! YOU, SIR... HAVE CROSSED THE LINE, MISTER!!! SO I, LARRY... AM D.O.O.M.... NO LONGER!!! AND SO ... I LEAVE!!!" (exits room)
  • Snaptrap: YAY, I THINK!!!!