Kitty and Dudley have to go to a party as there new misson


  • Our story starts with an 8-BIT kart spining in circles.
  • Kitty:What do i do!?What do i do!?
  • Kitty and dudly play video games
  • Dudly:Kitty,what ya gotta........
  • Kitty:Yes,yes...
  • Dudly:.....Do is press a,it actavates your power up.......
  • Kitty:Power up?
  • Dudly:Uh,oh.Here comes the boss.beat him,beat him.....
  • Kitty:The boss?i thought i was this guy......
  • Dudly:Doge it!doge it!
  • an explosion on the over.
  • Kitty:Awwwwwwww,man!
  • Dudly:Nice try Kitty.
  • Kitty:I missed out on whesal of fortune for this?