Plot: When Keswick turns on the shopping, the whole headquarters is suddenly filled with worthless junk from the gang. After discovering there completely useless, Kitty and Dudley demand refunds.


  • This episode reveals that Kitty has a weakness for bubble wrap.
  • Things bought:
  • automatic pizza machine for Dudley (just reveals an ad for a pizza company)
  • Diamond incrusted flea collar for Kitty (for actual fleas)
  • power cordless freezer for Keswick (is to heavy to lift)
  • mini clip on cup holder for the Chief (doesn't work on his kind of car)
  • lifetime supply of bubble wrap for everyone (the only good thing they got)
  • this episodes title resembles salesman

Running Gags

Bubble Wrap Gag

  • Kitty sees a pile of bubble wrap and dives into it.
  • The guards join in with Kitty.
  • Kitty rolls down a roll of bubble wrap.
  • When the guards try to stop Dudley and Kitty, Kitty plays with some bubble wrap.
  • Dudley orders a lifetime supply of bubble wrap for everyone.
  • The ending card is made of bubble wrap.
  • Dudley and Kitty both pop one of the bubbles in the ending card and say "pop".

Lines (couldn't spell Quotes correct)

  • Kitty "must...pop...wrap"
  • Dudley "patience Dudley............I! CAN'T! WAIT! ANY! LONGER!!!"