Plot: In this game you can play as one of your favorite characters and you can drive or walk to all of the Petropolis limits.


  • Dudley (Level 1 and 7)
  • Kitty (Level 2 and 6)
  • Keswick (Level 3)
  • The Chameleon (Level 4)
  • Bird Brain (Level 5)


T.U.F.F. Mobile (unlocked at Level 1)

Henchmen Car (buyable)

Goon Getaway Car (buyable)

- Peg's Monster Truck (buyable from Peg)
- 30's roadster (winable)
- Roger's Pickup (bonus mission from Roger)
- Kitty's Sedan (unlocked at Level 2)
- Pizza Delivery Car (buyable)
- Mini Rig (buyable)
- Racecar Bed (buyable from Dudley)
- Choo-Choo Train (winable)
- D.O.O.M. Buggy (bonus mission from Francisco)
- Hover Car (unlocked at Level 3)
- Hot Rod (buyable)
- Super Car (buyable)
- Shark Tank Car (buyable from Larry)
- Soapbox Car (winable)
- SUV (bonus mission from Ollie)

Van (unlocked at Level 4)

Taxi (buyable)

Armor Truck (buyable)

Steamroller (buyable from Construction Worker)

Eco Car (winable)

President's Car (bonus mission from President of the Universe)

Cream Sedan (unlocked at Level 5)

Golf Cart (buyable)

Classic Car (buyable)

Tank (buyable from General Warthog)

Family Wagon (winable)

Hover Bike (bonus mission from Keswick)

Ferrari (unlocked at Level 6)
123px Ferrari

Bumper Car (buyable)

Post Truck (buyable)

D.O.O.M. Trailer (buyable from Snaptrap)

Police Car (winable)

Family Wagon (bonus mission from Peg)


  • Petropolis Downtown (Level 1)
  • Petropolis Highway (Level 2)
  • Petropolis Docks (Level 3)
  • Petropolis Village (Level 4)
  • Petropolis Dam (Level 5)
  • Snowy Mountains (Level 6)
  • Uptown Petropolis (Level 7)


  • DUDLEY - Clown, Bubble Wrap, Cone, Knight, Cave Dog, Circus, Shuffle Board, Swim Trunks
  • KITTY - Cave Cat, Princess, Disco, Route 66, Alien, Flight Attendant, Cruise, Tour Guide
  • KESWICK - Villain, Dr. Apocalypse, Quacky, Jester
  • BIRD BRAIN - Pterodactyl, Tuxedo, Mummy, Knight
  • THE CHAMELEON - Pea Coat, Fifi Oui Oui, Skinless, Prison


Cheats and Tricks

  • Enter the name of a car on a new game and you will have that car unlocked straight away.
  • Enter butchhartman as your name for everything unlocked and a bonus episode in a cut scene viewer.
  • Enter buttmuncher as a name for Dudley's extra costume.
  • Enter fishsticks as a name for Kitty's extra costume.
  • Enter justanobody for no traffic and pedestrians.
  • On Level 2, instead of taking the highway on the lap race, head towards the garden and do a drift towards the Start/Finish line for an instant lap.
  • Drive backwards on Level 3 in Time Trial mode and reverse into the park and ride from the ramp there instead of going in a circle.
  • On Level 1, take the T.U.F.F. Mobile and drive towards the house with the open garage door. If done correctly, you should see a bird's eye view of the level map.