Victoria Katswell
Victoria catswell
Gender: Female
Hair color:       Blonde
Eye color:       Green
Species: Cat
Age: 19

Victoria Katswell

Victoria Katswell is the younger sister of Kitty Katswell.


She has a black, white, and grey fur, green eyes, and Blonde hair. She often wears a black and pink striped tank top and a pink hat with a navy blue strip of cloth around it.


Victoria is kind,but sassy.When she gets angry it is not good,even the cheif is scared of her when that happens.


Dudley Puppy

She dated him in Coquetear con la Victoria and it is unknown if they stayed together

Kitty Katswell

She is her younger sister,and often acts like they are best friends,but kitty hates her.


Keswick has a major crush on her in Coquetear con la Victoria,it is unknown whether this crush went away.

The Cheif

The Cheif is afraid of her,so he often hides when she comes in.


She hates snaptrap he thinks she is weak,atleast in till she tackles him,punches him,and hurts him in many ways.


  • Dudley behind bars-Mentioned
  • Kitty behind bars(Part 2 of DBB- Minor)